Getting the Foundation Right

It’s only taken 7 weeks but we have finally got a solid foundation for our house. YAY!!!

Drainage started back in the beginning of June and what was only meant to take 1-2 weeks ended up taking 4 – all thanks to some massive rocks that took a very long time to get out.


As time went on, it got colder as we started getting into the height of winter.  The rain came and in no time the site become a full on mud pit.  You could not walk anywhere without getting mud up to your ankles so out came the gumboots.  Martin & The QBS boys were such troopers, they didnt let the rain and mud hold them back and took every opportunity they had in the little sunshine to get the foundation started to try and keep us on track.


So much work goes into getting the foundation right, its not just about pouring a concrete slab like I originally thought.  Watching the boys work made me realise that the foundation is similar to the process of a wall getting finished in a house.  It needs reinforcing to give it a solid start, some insulation, and then what plasterboard aka GIB is to walls to give that nice smooth finish, that’s what concrete does in the foundation.

To start, the boys had to mark out the bearing and dig trench like tunnels forming the outside of the house.  Steel was then used to reinforce the outside before cement was poured.  It in a way resembled a mini moat.

Blocks were then laid and we began to the house take shape and slowly rise from the ground. We could see where areas of the ground floor were and could visualise how we would live in the blocks around us.  The foundation was soon back-filled with 13 trucks of metal, compacted and 4 cement trucks later we had a completed foundation.


Next up – framing for the ground floor.  Its also going to be D-Day where we’ll find out if the re-arranging and placement of spaces has worked out like we envisioned it.  Fingers crossed.

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