Martin’s Back

It was a no brainer really! We just had to get Martin and the QBS team working on our home.  We trust Martin so much and know that his quality of workman ship is what we were wanting so not long after the Wedding we got in touch with Troy (big bossman) at QBS ltd and asked them if they could fit us in their busy schedule for 2017.

Martin 1st Day on site with Mia

While we were waiting for The Block NZ to start, we had scoped out QBS’s work in a house they did in Grey Lynn and loved their detailing. We met with Troy, booked them in to be our builders and were told a Scottish guy called Martin was going to be our builder.  I’ll never forget the day Martin started with us.  I hadn’t been told too much about him other than that he was a great guy, really precise and was a good builder.  I really don’t know why but I expected an older man with ginger hair to turn up – so stupidly stereotypical I know.  The day we were expecting him I saw this young, slim, half-cast looking guy and instantly thought Martin was still on his way or sick.  It got to about mid day and I asked James, where was Martin? he laughed at me and pointed to the young guy that I thought was his fill in.  Martin came over and in his strong Scottish accent introduced himself while I stood there stunned.  He was totally not what I was expecting. As time went on Marty was more than we could have expected and we were so grateful he was our builder and eventually our friend.

Troy, Martin & their stunning partners here with us at our Wedding

Martin is such a skilled builder.  If you watched any of our season on the Block NZ or the season after us where Martin was the builder for Jamie & Hayden you would have seen some of his talent come to life with his amazing timber creations – anyone remember the boat bed he made for our winning kids bedroom? or the stunning Timber bench tops he made in our bathrooms by hand? and how can I forget his master piece of a dining table that people raved about. Martin is fricken amazing and is such a perfectionist when it comes to his work.  He’s dedicated and we know that he would put so much effort, determination and passion into our house.  Plus we totally missed having him around and just wanted him to come back and hang with us.








2 thoughts on “Martin’s Back

  1. Love you guys and yes Martin is amazing. Glad they saw sense and let him stay in NZ, he is definitely the skilled workman that we need.


  2. Love!! He is amazing. I loved watching what he came up with for your house on the block and all the wooden details throughout. When I build my dream house I guess I’ll have to get in line and book years in advance 😊


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