Framing going up

Bones of the house

And just like that our concrete pad turned into a framed up home!

Framing these days is generally made off-site in a massive warehouse – in our case a Placemakers warehouse.  From what I understand once the plans get the final OK, they are sent away and within 6 weeks the bones of a house is practically made.  When it’s all ready to go, it’s then packaged into bundles with markings and carted off to site on the back of a truck and makes 1-2 people very damn excited on arrival.  In case your confused, those 1-2 people are Me & James.


While I tried to keep my excited puppy-dog cool in front of the Boys as each bundle of framing came off the truck, Martin would direct it into certain areas of the foundation based on a layout plan he had.  Pretty much the framing was a massive jig-saw puzzle but instead of trying to figure out how to put the pieces together Marty had a cheat sheet (or in this case – a “manual”) on where each piece goes.  This making it more efficient for the boys when putting the framing in the right place.



The framing for the ground floor arrived at 2pm on a Thursday & by 11am the next day it was all up – Bloody quick! Once the ground floor was up, Martin & Scott (you’ll find out more about him soon) spent the next few days working on the bracing & flooring in prep for the first floor to arrive.  And just as quick as the ground floor went up so did the top.

For the last few days the Boys have been working on the trusses and making sure everything is braced and secure.  Its also come to the time where we need to start making those ‘important’ decisions like roof colour, window dimensions, layout, Kitchen design & flooring.  Its beginning to feel a bit like we’re back on the Block where we need to be quick about our choices because if we take too long, it’s just going to delay things later on.  But this time we’re getting the sleep – well one of us more than the other #MumLife

With the framing up we now can see what the actual sizes of the rooms will be and whether or not everything we planned will work/fit.  We’ve quickly found out that plans can look a whole lot more spacious that what they actually are.  So for the next few days we will be trying to picture furniture placement, wall hanging area, layouts and making sure we have got it right.

Watch this space because we may need to move a few things round – OR NOT!



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