Roof Shout

Coloursteel in Flaxpod

And just like that we now have a Roof! So it was only fitting to throw our first party in the house and have a ‘Roof Shout’.  If a “roof shout” is new to you let me educate you for 10 seconds – its basically a way to thank your builders for all their effort and put on a spread and shout some beers.  The tradition isn’t as strong as it used to be (apparently) but we designed this house to have many social gatherings and parties so it only seemed fitting to have our first with Martin & the QBS boys.

My first roof shout was put on by my old Block NZ crush with the perfect skinned, Peter “The Wolf” Wolfkamp.  We had only been on site a couple of weeks, everything was so new (and foreign) to me I just thought every time something gets completed production put on drinks & food.  So I waited, and waited for the exterior shout, bathroom shout, kitchen shout…. yeah they never happened.  I later found out you only have a roof shout &  end of project party – haha.  A little Block confessions, we actually still didn’t have our roof on when they threw the roof shout, so it was a bit stink to be celebrating everyone else having a roof complete while we still slept in the rain.

Throwback to me crying over our house getting soaked because we didn’t have a roof

Since the framing went up in lightning speed, the QBS team got quickly onto the trusses (roof framing) to be ready for the Coloursteel roof.  To keep in line with our Black & White exterior, we chose to go with the colour Flaxpod.  It matched our brick perfectly and because it has a slight tint of brown it wasn’t to harsh like the straight black option.

James and I spent far too long trying to decide on what colour we were going with the roof – far too long! Right from the beginning we always knew the exterior of the house was going to be monochrome – sleek & clean.  We ordered a sample pack from Coloursteel online and then battled between 4 different versions of “black” each  having a slight tint of another colour.  We tested these samples out in different lights, standing them up, laying them flat, against our brick, against our colour options and finally after what felt like forever we decide 5 days before the roof was due to arrive we to go with Flaxpod.

Thanks to the rain it took a full week to get our roof on but we now we have cover. YAYYY.  We’re now starting to see how much natural light we actually get with the roof on and it’s making it a bit easier now to visualise our interior and colours were going o use.


Check out the detailing that goes into the truss work.  It seems such a shame to have this covered up

M&J TIP: Check your exterior colours and materials outside in natural light and during different times of the day.  We tested out our colour options in the morning, mid day & evening light before we finally decided what colours we were going with.  A bit of common knowledge for most, but it really surprised how different the colours looked and how many times we changed our minds on the colour of the roof.

And like most things, go with your gut!

Here’s a cheeky pic we hope brings as big a smile or as loud a laugh as it does for us.


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