We’re Delayed

Yesterday was the day! One of the most anticipated days for us other than the Kitchen and framing going up.  It was the day where we would finally feel like we had an almost completed home.  It was flooring & carpet day.  We had everything prepped, the house was clean, the subbies were out – we were ready, well 80% ready.  We weren’t fully finished with the painting, but we were ready!

Extreme Flooring guys for the ground floor turned up – everything looked good and so they got on with it.  YASSSS! Carpet installer turns up next, has a good look around comes out to find me and pretty much says “Mate, your dreaming” (insert crying emoji here x10).

Upstairs we still had door trims, windows, doors and our walk-in wardrobe to paint, obviously not ideal, but our painters worked their butts off to get it as far as they did.  It wasn’t their fault.  They were delayed a week because plastering went on a week later than expected – but it wasn’t the plasterers fault we were delayed.  We were delayed because of our doors, all 21 doors!!

Some of our doors which we had to change to show off our height on the ground floor

Progress was tracking so well and Martin whipped everyone to keep them on track but the thing that delayed us was US! The doors we chose to go with take up to 3 weeks to make.  We only got them quoted 4 weeks before we needed them – mistake #1.  When the rep turned up to measure & quote the doors we weren’t on site to meet with him to discuss options and door heights – mistake #2.  So with exactly 3 weeks till we needed doors we had a quote in front of us and only 7/21 doors were what we actually wanted.  On our ground floor we have high ceilings which are 2.7m from floor to ceiling and to emphasise the height we wanted full height doors and got a re quote.  A couple days later, I woke up in the middle of the night and realised having wardrobes with sliding doors was just not going to work especially for “teenage” Mia, (if you have ever had a sliding door wardrobe you will understand that not being able to see everything is true pain, especially if you have a lot of clothes).  So another amendment was needed.  Finally, when we were happy with the quote,we signed it off and got them working on our order – YAY! Then it hit us, we needed those doors in 2 weeks – they weren’t going to be ready for 3 weeks.

So here we are, disappointed and annoyed that one delay has snow balled and held up progress.  The good thing is that everyone who has been affected by this has been understanding and know that this is just the nature of the building game.  All it can take is one thing and it can put everything out.  We have got to give credit to our trades because they all have worked so hard to catch up and get things back on track for us without compromising quality

Flexibility and A LOT of forward planning is so crucial in building.  That and understanding.  These are 3 things we have really learnt to accept and consider when things go wrong.  Everyone (including us) tries so hard to get things done and we really have been blessed with the quality & workmanship of all our trades.  So you can imagine how we feel when something doesn’t go to plan and pressure is put on everyone – terrible.

Thankfully our carpet installer can fit us in next week so this is going to give us time to get all the painting complete YAY!!!! We should also have our bathrooms complete and lights in too.  Fingers crossed we have no more delays.

So word from the (now) wise – order your doors super super early! In fact just order everything early!!

But take a sneak peak at our flooring. We went with the Quick Step Majestic in Woodland Oak Beige.  These planks come in the nice wide width and just over 2m in length and already look so good down.



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