With the delay of the carpet being installed our painters worked their butts off to finish the house over the weekend and now it all done. YAAYYYYYYY!

We chose to go with our favourite Dulux white – Cardrona.  Cardrona is more of a warm white and we just think it goes so well with timber. Fun (useless) fact: Cardrona was also the colour we painted house 2 in on The Block NZ and what we have used in our current Bungalow.


In the beginning of the project we weren’t quite sure on whether or not we were going to paint the house oursleves.  For obvious reasons, we knew we could save some money by painting ourselves but we also weighed up the time it would take us, and the fact that we have spent a few many hours with paint brushes and rollers in our hands and the thought of doing that all over again and with a baby just wasn’t very appealing so we opted to go with our Painters Advanced Plasterboard Fixers ltd.  These guys do everything ‘walls’ so they fixed our GIB and plastered it too.  They are an impressive troupe broken down into the 3 teams.  The good thing about this is that with them all being from the same company, communication is clear and everyone knows where each are at so as soon as one team are finished the next is in.

As much as I’m a fan of crisp white in a home, I also love colour and this couldn’t be our house if it didn’t have few splashes of colour on the walls. So now it was my turn to paint! I just couldn’t resist and had to paint some parts of this house myself right?.

Time to get my paint on 

I don’t know how I managed it but I was able to convince James to say yes to a blush nude feature wall in our Master bedroom.  Blush is such a popular colour at the moment and I had seen quite a few posts on Pinterest where people have made blush look a bit more masculine (well that’s how I sold it to James).  After testing out what seemed like 100’s of Blush nudes we decided to go with Opito Bay from Dulux.  It was a perfect combo of blush & nude and we feel it’s added some nice warmth and sophistication to the room which will flow nicely into our ensuite with the black Marble.

From the day we found out we were having Mia, I have been secretly planning her room.  I always knew it was going to have some girly colours e.g pink 😊 but I knew I wanted it to do it in a way where it wasn’t over powering and too in your-face.  On this season of the Block NZ I loved what Andy & Nate did in their teenage girl’s rooms where they painted two-thirds of their walls in colour and the bottom in white.  Seeing them do this and how well it came across I was sold and knew that was how I had to do Mia’s room.  So out came the laser leveller and a lot of masking tape.

To get the proportions right I divided the wall height into threes and set a laser level in the middle of the room.  The laser reflected a line on all four walls of the room and to be sure it was all at the right height I went around and just double checked everything with a measuring tape.  Next, I put masking tape tightly under the laser line all around the room making sure I kept it nice and tight to try and avoid paint bleed.  I then masked the ceiling, window & door trims for extra protection – this is a step I hate doing but this time I’m thankful I put in the extra work because it definitely saved me from having to touch up later.

To pull off this look you really need to get a super sharp crisp line with no bleed through.  If you have done a paint feature with masking before you’ll know what I mean.  I made sure I was prepared and did my research (on youtube haha) and found out that to stop the bleed you need to do a dry paint of your base colour of the masking tape first.  The reason you do this, is so that if any bleed does come through it will be of the colour you have of the bottom and not the colour you want on top.  I quickly did a dry brush of Cardona of the tape then went in with the Taumata from Dulux, a nice peachy pink. Two coats later and it was the moment of truth, time to rip off the tape.  I started with the trims first, then the ceiling – so far, so good.  When it came time to the bottom, I was nervous. I took a deep breathe and YAYYY!! It had worked, it had actually worked really well.

Painting these areas ourselves saved us $800 which as this point in the project we really needed with the total spend getting high and higher.  I’m super proud of how both areas have turned out and have an extra bit of satisfaction now knowing that I physically added/did something to the home.

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