Mia’s 1st Birthday


Just over 2 month ago our baby girl turned 1 (ekkk, yes sorry for the delay – we’ve been busy), and just like everyone warned us the time just went so fast.

Me made it our deadline to be in the house by Mia’s 1st birthday.  Mia’s birthday was on Saturday 9th Dec – we moved in Friday 8th! Just in time.  Getting to this point was hectic but it was sooo worth it to have all our immediate family in the new house celebrating Mia.  It was also nice to be able to give them the privileged of being the first to see our house.

The night we moved into our house here’s me setting up the garland with the help of my sister

We opted to throw our girl 3 small Flamingo parties (immediate family celebration on her actual Birthday, baby friends party, and extended family party) and avoid one massive party.  Mainly because I didn’t want the stress of organising a big bash while finishing off the house and I figured Mia will either get overwhelmed at a big party and possibly sleep through most of it.  So in our minds we did what would suit her (and us) kept it small and timed it well around her naps.

The idea of a cake smash was totally up our alley – but don’t worry team we went easy on the sugar.  I got some supermarket sponge and decorated it with banana berry custard on a bit of cream.  Mia was hesitant at first, more so because she didn’t want to get her fingers messy – our girls a real lady.  Once our nephew Taiyon showed her how to rip into it she was all over it.

For Mia’s real cake we got her (and us) is the best cake EVER! Raspberry & Pistachio from Baker & Co.  This was also our wedding cake flavour and yeah it my have been a bit selfish to get it, but we figured the 1st birthday party is also a celebration for us.  James and I survived the first and very crucial year of parenting.  We managed to figure out how to raise our beautiful girl and still find time for us.  We learnt how to adapt to never knowing what to expect and quickly learnt that you figure out and make things up as you go when it comes to parenting.  Yes, the party was for Mia, but for us it was our celebration for making it through too.

Balloon  garlands are now just a compulsory accessory to any party – right?.  I follow OMGness Styling on social media and wanted to get her to make a garland for Mia’s parties.  But my sister convinced me to do Mia’s one myself especially since or all my nephews and even a few of my friends I have made their balloon garlands.  I got in touch with Ness and ordered a DIY kit which was so perfect because I got the OMGness look but made it all myself for my girl.  To be honest, it turned out to be one of my fave parts of her birthday styling too.

We are so blessed to have our family who have helped teach us, save us & show us how to raise a child.  We truly mean it when we say we couldn’t have done it with out our parents.  The many times they have had Mia while we were able to get things done on our homes have been a huge life saver and because of them we wouldn’t have been able to make it to where we are with the house.


Happy (slightly belated) 1st Birthday Mia Pepe-Malia Steele.  We love you so much and cant wait to watch you grow and live your life.




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