We’re in the house


If you haven’t been following us on social media and have been patiently waiting for an update on the house – we thank you and holy moley you are very patient! For everyone else, you will have seen that we moved into the house early Dec and have just been enjoying it over the summer holidays.  It hasn’t taken us long to feel at home and put a few marks on our nice white walls and since moving in we have felt like we’ve spent a lot of time cleaning, eating, having people round and oh yeah…cleaning.  But deep down we’re so happy to finally be in our new home.

When you go through a building group you generally don’t get to move in until everything is completed and have passed compliance, which is a pretty good thing.  But since we did this independently e.g. contracted our own builders, trades & worked with council ourselves we were allowed to move in earlier and as soon as we & the QBS team felt was right.  It was always our goal to move in before Mia’ birthday and exactly 1 day before her 1st, we were in…YAY!! PS – we passed compliance in the first inspection whoop whoop!

When we started moving in , the plumbing was just being finished, we didn’t have a laundry, we only just got our garage door and there was still a bit of touch up painting to be done. But we had enough to give us some privacy and to be honest we just wanted to get into the house.

In every new build there are generally some things that pop that you will only notice once you your living in the home.  In our situation, we notice some cracks in the paint, a few bumps in the wall, a few door handles not working and some of our grouting needed touching up.  This is all remedial work and with our group of tradies has been getting fixed pretty quickly.  But with the remedials, comes a lot of packing up, cleaning and then laying things back out again.

I wont lie but I’m very much looking forward to day everything is completed. We’re hoping that by this time next year everything is done and we can just spend time watching all our other social media building mates get their projects done while we enjoy sitting on our deck and playing with Mia in the backyard.

To date we still have the following to be done on the house:

  • Wardrobes
  • Curtains & Blinds in half the house
  • Main deck
  • Landscaping
  • Laundry shelving
  • Garage storage
  • Guest room courtyard & parking bay
  • Fence painting (all 100+m of it)

We’ll be doing more of a reveal of some of the rooms in the coming weeks – I know its been 2 months but we are STILL in the ‘moving in’ stage and haven’t quite completed everything to how we want it.  But the main areas are done and we’re excited to show you what we did, the little details and what products we went with in the end.  But for now enjoy taking a look at some sneak peaks of the house.

PS. A lot of people have been asking us a few questions about budget, building tips, timelines, planning etc so we’ve decided that in a few months time we will share our learning’s from the process.  Guys, we learn’t heaps! we’ve gained a lot of knowledge now doing this on our own and using our own money, so if their is something in particular you are interested in to find out leave a comment or message us and we’ll get onto answering that in a blog post

Mia’s little play area before she attacks it and it ends up all over the house.  What do you all think of our parenting hack 101: Boogie board stairs barrier


8 thoughts on “We’re in the house

  1. Looking Fantastic guys!! Just a thought- you can gt kiddie gates that prevent toddlers going upstairs. We have one for our Grandies and it is priceless. Even has a lock on it and very easy to install. Loving your work!!!!


  2. I love the new build. Would you mind sharing where you got your table from? I’ve been looking for something similar. thanks, sarah


  3. We are in the process of building aswell and wanted black/white and wood grain laminate kitchen like you have! Love it! I’ve been worried about getting the wood rain laminate to match the flooring which you have done perfectly! What is the colour laminate in your kitchen you have used please?


  4. Ohhh exciting times ahead for you! It is always hard to get a perfect match but take a flooring sample with you to your kitchen designers and they’ll help match as best as possible. We have Aged Ash. Ours isn’t a perfect match but its close enough 🙂


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