Support Local

Recently a local photographer advertised on our Community facebook page asking if people were interested in getting photos done in our local park. We took the opportunity to get our family photos updated and we’re so happy with what she produced. Here’s a bit of the sneak peak. We love our community and all the […]

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Our Bathrooms

It’s been a huge luxury for us to have come from a home with one bathroom and fighting over the toilet to now being spoilt for choice. It may seem a bit excessive to have 3 bathrooms and to be honest when we tell people we do, they always seem surprised but when we explain […]

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We’re in the house

If you haven’t been following us on social media and have been patiently waiting for an update on the house – we thank you and holy moley you are very patient! For everyone else, you will have seen that we moved into the house early Dec and have just been enjoying it over the summer […]

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Mia’s 1st Birthday

Just over 2 month ago our baby girl turned 1 (ekkk, yes sorry for the delay – we’ve been busy), and just like everyone warned us the time just went so fast. Me made it our deadline to be in the house by Mia’s 1st birthday.  Mia’s birthday was on Saturday 9th Dec – we […]

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With the delay of the carpet being installed our painters worked their butts off to finish the house over the weekend and now it all done. YAAYYYYYYY! We chose to go with our favourite Dulux white – Cardrona.  Cardrona is more of a warm white and we just think it goes so well with timber. […]


We’re Delayed

Yesterday was the day! One of the most anticipated days for us other than the Kitchen and framing going up.  It was the day where we would finally feel like we had an almost completed home.  It was flooring & carpet day.  We had everything prepped, the house was clean, the subbies were out – […]

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We have walls

OK so I admit, I’ve been a bit slack on the Blog posting front, but slack is not what I would say we have been on the house front.  Its been so busy with things happening.  It’s as if we blinked and then all of  sudden we had walls – so cliche haha.  But truly […]

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Roof Shout

And just like that we now have a Roof! So it was only fitting to throw our first party in the house and have a ‘Roof Shout’.  If a “roof shout” is new to you let me educate you for 10 seconds – its basically a way to thank your builders for all their effort […]

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Framing going up

And just like that our concrete pad turned into a framed up home! Framing these days is generally made off-site in a massive warehouse – in our case a Placemakers warehouse.  From what I understand once the plans get the final OK, they are sent away and within 6 weeks the bones of a house […]

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Martin’s Back

It was a no brainer really! We just had to get Martin and the QBS team working on our home.  We trust Martin so much and know that his quality of workman ship is what we were wanting so not long after the Wedding we got in touch with Troy (big bossman) at QBS ltd […]

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